About my experience as a Teacher

I am very passionate about teaching and find it very satisfying. There is a lot of joy and satisfaction in seeing how our ideas and passion rubs on the students, leading them to a life long journey. It is very satisfying to be able to make a direct difference in lives of so many young minds. Also it helps me become a student and helps in my own search as a designer and writer

I have been teaching mainly at CEPT University since the 90’s and continue to do so now. I have conducted variety of courses such as Design Studio, Urban Design Studio, Basic Design, Architectural History, Urban History, Urban Theory, Comparative Urbanism to name a few apart from various Workshops and Study Tours. Listed below are visuals from some recent courses

This is an elective course I offer to senior students in bachelor of Architecture and Masters of Architecture program. Questions of transformation of urban form in different historical and geographical conditions in India is covered in this lecture

During May 2014 I conducted a Summer Workshop for my students at Kathmandu in Nepal. The workshop aimed at unearthing the relationship of an Himalayan City through time with its immediate and imagined landscape

A workshop course centered around the ideas of mapping and its relationship with imagination of space. I collaborated with Dr. Seema Khanwalkar on this course

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